Pretty in Pink- Knitting the Body


As you can see, the sleeves have been set aside on some string and I’ve started knitting the body.

I worked one lace repeat, then set aside the sleeve stitches, cast on the underarm stitches, and kept on going with the body stitches.  I add a “lifeline”* at the end of every lace repeat  just in case I make a mistake and need to unravel a bit.  Better safe than sorry since I tend to lose my place when tinking back on a lace piece.  Those yarn overs kill me.

I’ll need about 5 inches of length on the body before starting the garter stitch edge at the bottom. 


*A lifeline is just a thin piece of yarn or string that you thread through all the stitches of a row.  That way, you can slide out your knitting needle and unravel down to that lifeline row to correct your mistake.


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