Pretty in Pink- The Yoke

I’m so happy to be back to knitting with wool!  Cotton is a bit hard on the wrists and hands after awhile, but wool has a lovely stretchiness to it.  And I love working with fingering weight yarn and tiny needles!

The yoke of the sweater was finished last night at 11.  I wanted to start the lace section right away, but I wisely talked myself out of it and went to bed.  Hannah woke up bright and early at 5 something this morning, so I’m thankful I didn’t stay up any later!

I used the Longtail cast-on to keep the neck edge neat but stretchy. I think the yarn over increases in the yoke are quite dainty and it keeps the yoke from looking like a big, heavy chunk of garter stitch next to the light and airy lace.

Pattern Errata:  On the 0-3 month size, Row 41 of the yoke should read, “K1, k2tog, yo….”



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6 responses to “Pretty in Pink- The Yoke

  1. So pretty! Kind of makes me want to knit one!

  2. This gets better and better!

  3. Yes, your yoke is pretty in pink :) And we should all be so wise as to set down our knitting to go to bed at a decent hour ❤

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