A Day Off, Dr’s Visit, and an LYS

Hubby took off of work yesterday because my Perinatalogist has a very inconvenient office policy of “No kids allowed. No exceptions”.  So my twice a month visits mean that either my Mom has to drive 2+ hours to watch Hannah or Hubs has to try and get off of work.  Yesterday, Mom wasn’t available so the duty fell to my Hubby.

Things are going much better with this pregnancy and the doctors are pretty confident that the preterm labor I experienced with Hannah won’t happen this time around.  My cervix is still nice and long with no sign of dilation. 

Anywho…  here’s Ella.  She was super active and wiggly during the scan, so this was the best shot they could get:


When I got home from my morning appointment, Hubby and Hannah were ready for us to go out and about to run errands.  We only have one car, which means all of our running around has to be done on a day when Hubs is off since he takes the car to work.  While we were out, he surprised me by driving over to one of our LYS (local yarn shops) and letting me pick out some wool for Ella’s sweater instead of ordering it from Knit Picks.  Yay!


A Stitch in Time is an adorable little shop, all nice and neat and organized as things should be.  It made me happy.  I picked out two hanks of Cascade sock yarn in a pretty, pale pink.  The shop keeper was very kind and chatty and offered to wind the hanks for me.  Yes, please!  Hannah loved watching the yarn fly from the swift to the ball winder.  She was mesmerized!

I also picked up a size 1 circular.  I opted for the 32″ so I can knit my next pair of socks using the magic loop method instead of fiddly dpns.  I’ve never used “Knitter’s Pride” needles before, but the cable is very soft and flexible and the join between the metal needles and the cable seems smooth.

I can’t wait to finish this Zig Zag Blanket so I can start the sweater!  Only 10 more inches to go…



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4 responses to “A Day Off, Dr’s Visit, and an LYS

  1. The bean is getting big!

  2. I cannot believe the baby factory (my word or OBGYN’s after years of working in Labour and Delievery) won’t let you bring your little girl with you!
    Good to hear that your pregnancy is going so smoothly, sending good vibes your way!

    • Yeah, I think the maternal/fetal specialist has a strange office policy. Luckily, my regular OB/GYN let’s me bring Hannah. The nurses there love carrying her around. Once I get past 24 weeks, I shouldn’t have to go to the specialist as often, thank goodness.

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