Zig Zag- Pt 3

Oh my heavens.  This is what I get for not bothering to measure the finished size of the “crib size” blanket OR taking the time to swatch.  I tend not to on non-wearable items, don’t you know. 

This blanket will be in use well into Ella’s childhood.  It’s 40″ wide and only about 27″ tall, at the moment. I guess I’ll just keep on knitting until I run out of yarn.  I have about 1 1/3 skeins of yarn left in each color.  We’ll just have to wait and see how much more length I can get out of it.  Or perhaps I’ll make a square blanket, instead? 

Here’s a rather poor picture (complete with Hannah the yarn thief).



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3 responses to “Zig Zag- Pt 3

  1. This seems to happen to all of the baby blankets I make too! It’s looking great!

  2. Definitely not a poor photo, you got photo bombed by a baby! Love this blanket, currently working on one myself and it’s never going to end. Ever.

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