Baby Kimono- Pt 3

The sweater is finally done blocking.  It took all weekend for it to dry and it was such a tease to see it sitting there on the dining room table every time I walked by. 

Not having any leftover yarn to seam proved to be a bigger problem than I had thought.  My usual finishing techniques weren’t working with the matching embroidery floss I dug up.  It was way too noticeable.  After about an hour of sewing and ripping out, I took a break because I was frazzled and Hannah had woken up from her nap, anyway. 

During her afternoon nap, I tried again.  The “winning” technique turned out to be a running stitch with the wrong sides facing out.  It certainly wasn’t what I had envisioned, but it was the only thing that worked.  The seam is a tad bulky to me.  :/

Verdict: I like the pattern, but I would knit it in wool next time (and make sure I have over 100g of it). It’s certainly not my best work, but it should do. I’m usually too critical of myself, anyway, so I’ll have to see what Hubby thinks when he gets home tonight.




It's a perfect 0-3 month size.


The buttons and ribbon will have to wait until they find out the gender…



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7 responses to “Baby Kimono- Pt 3

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  2. I love your blog! Your uniqueness, eclectic voice and honesty keep me coming back day after day. So I have nominated you…
    Keep going! Thank you!

  3. lovely kimono! I see that you are a naptime ninja as well ; )

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