A Trio of Stars- Revisited

What?  Two posts in one day?  Unheard of!

I delivered the stars to their intended recipient last Sunday at church.  She loved them.  Oh, it makes me so happy when people appreciate my work!  There have been projects I’ve slaved over (lovingly, of course) and never even gotten so much as a “thank you.”  There’s one particular knitted gift that still makes me sad.  When I think of the many, many hours I spent hunched over that little, lace-weight project…  It still stings. 

Moving on and back to the point.  She loved the stars and posted this picture of them on her Facebook page:


She and one of her friends practically gushed over them in the comments and were really into the primitive look of them (which is what I was going for). 

It’s not that I want “praise” for the things I create.  It just gives me joy to know that a little item I’ve crafted has made someone else happy.

How about you?  Have you ever gifted a lovingly made item and gotten an indifferent response?



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3 responses to “A Trio of Stars- Revisited

  1. I made an afghan for my mother and father in law and the use it to cover the dog bed :( Oh well, they gave me their son so I’m fine with it!

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