A Trio of Stars- Completed

Well, I’ve managed to cross something off of my knitting list!  But…it was promptly replaced by a larger project, so I haven’t actually accomplished much. :/ 

The project I alluded to in my last post is a baby sweater for my brother and sister-in-law.  Since it’s “official” (as in, it’s been announced on Facebook…lol), I am no longer sworn to secrecy.  Anywho, a sweater is certainly an expected gift from their crafty sister.  I always look forward to knitting little baby things, anyway.  I’m thinking a kimono-type pattern would suit my rather nerdy (and proud of it) brother.  He’s kinda into Japanese stuff so it seems fitting. 

Okay.  Now onto the actual reason for this post!

I finished sewing the stars up a couple of days ago and I’m here to share some photos and pattern comments.


The Trio

The pattern was incredibly easy. I had it memorized by the time I finished the first half of a star.  That made making the rest of them pretty fast since I didn’t have to keep checking the pattern.  Even now, days later, I can still remember it.

I chose to knit them in the round with size 1 dpns.  Since you start with only 5 stitches, be prepared for the first couple of rounds to be a tad fiddly.  It’s okay.  It gets easier.


Sewing it together.

I decided to whip stitch the two sides together, grabbing the outside “leg” of the edge stitches. I’m hoping my rather sad cell phone pictures helps you make sense of it. It’s kinda hard to tell since the yarn is dark and variegated.


I really enjoyed stitching these up. It was a welcomed break from the blanket and I love making gifts for people. This project was a nice freebie since I used leftover sock yarn.

You can get all the details on my Ravelry page here.


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