Photo Banner

So my little baby isn’t so little anymore! She turns one in April and I’ve been busy menu planning and working on party favors and decorations.

First up: a photo banner showcasing the adorableness of her first twelve months.  Believe me, choosing just ONE photo for every month was tough!

After I managed to narrow my selection down to a dozen, I added them to my Instagram account.  I chose the same filter, “Earlybird”, for all the photos. I emailed the edited versions to myself so I could download them on my computer and print them out.


Month One


Month Twelve

I don’t own a fancy photo printer, so I used a regular old ink jet and some heavy card stock.


I printed two photos per page.

Since I’m spending the week at my parents’ house (Hubs is away for work), I took advantage of their handy dandy paper cutter.



All cut out and adorable.

I cut out heart shapes from some scrapbook paper. I’ll use these as spacers in between each picture.


Scrapbook paper & cookie cutter.

Once I get back home, I’ll string the pictures and hearts up using some crochet cotton.


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