Zig Zag- Project On Hold

I’ve done zilch, zero, nada work on my zig zag blanket.  Why?  My so-so morning sickness decided to come at me full force. 

It’s been nausea 24/7 and keeping food down has been almost impossible.  I can barely function and take care of Hannah at the moment, let alone knit.  It’s times like these that I really, really, really wish I lived closer to my family.  Hubby just left for work so for the next 11 hours I’ll try to not feel like I’m dying.  I’ll also hope and pray she doesn’t have a poopy diaper to send me over the edge.

UPDATE: Oh happy day! My OB is calling in a prescription to the pharmacy. Hubby will pick it up on his way home since he has our car today. Relief may be in sight…


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Filed under Family, Knitting, Life

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