Zig Zag Blanket

The zig zag blanket is coming along nicely.  Slowly, but nicely.  I kinda miss the days when I could kick back and knit for a couple of hours at a time.  I now do most of my knitting while riding in the car on the weekends.  Oh well.


This new photo gives you a better idea of my stripe sequences.  I’m doing 6 rows white, 4 green, and 6 yellow.  At first, I was worried about the green stripe looking odd since its a bit shorter, but now I’m happy with it.  It looks a little more interesting with differently sized stripes. 

The blanket is made with Bernat Cottontots cotton yarn.  Hannah ended up being sensitive to any fiber other than cotton (it contributed to her eczema) which makes me very hesitant to knit baby items in wool.  I don’t want all my hard work to be wasted!


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One response to “Zig Zag Blanket

  1. You got pretty far! I like the look of different sized stripes. Eva’s blanket had different sized stripes. I agree it looks more interesting that way.

    I hope your next baby isn’t allergic to wool! Eva never had a problem, but she’s only been exposed to merino. That tweed you used for Hannah’s Sophisticate has alpaca in it. Maybe that’s the problem?

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