Long Time No Blog

Oh my goodness.   It’s been awhile.   I gave birth to little Hannah over 10 months ago and my crafting and blogging have suffered pretty badly. I have knit a few things here and there, but never got around to blogging anything.

So I’m “back”, although I’m not sure for how long. We recently found out that Hannah is going to be a big sister this October (please, please, please stay in for the full 40 weeks, Little One!).

Even though I’m feeling EXHAUSTED and sick, I still casted on for Little One’s baby blanket with some gender neutral cotton. I had been itching to knit a ripple blanket and this is obviously the perfect opportunity.


I have 3 skeins each of the white and yellow and 2 of the green, so the green stripe will be a couple of rows shorter to compensate.  It’s the perfect pattern to knit while trying to keep an eye on an ornery baby because I can start and stop without losing my place.



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3 responses to “Long Time No Blog

  1. Very pretty! When I did Eva’s blanket, I meant to do it in gender neutral colors, but I slacked so bad that I was able to add in pink when we found out she was a girl. (Months and months later. Lol!)

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