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Sophisticated Baby- Completed

I’m back with my first post-baby project!  Taking care of Hannah and my housewifely duties has left me with very little free time.  And the “free time” I do have is usually reserved for important things like showering and such. Haha.  But Hannah is starting to become more independent and likes to play on the floor instead of being held 24/7.  She also has a very regular bedtime now and is usually asleep by 9pm (we start the bedtime process around 8pm).  So I’m starting to get a bit of time to relax and craft.  Mind you, this sweater should have been completed in 3-4 days…. it took me 2 months.  Ahhh, Motherhood.

So here’s Hannah’s brand new sweater jacket:


And a close-up of the lovely buttons I found in the stash my Mommom gave me.  I don’t think I could have bought anything more perfectly suited to the sweater:


I’d love to show you all an “action” shot, but it’s a 9 month size and Hannah is barely into 3/6s at the moment.  It should fit beautifully this winter.

For all the details and the free pattern, check out my Ravelry page.

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