Gigi the Giraffe- Completed


Here's Gigi!

I finished Gigi last night.  She measures 7.5 inches tall (ear to hoof).  Sewing amigurumi pieces together is always the worst part.  I was very picky and wanted her to look perfect, so the assembly took much longer than it should have since I kept taking the pieces apart and repositioning them.  :)


I embroidered the eyes and mouth (in gray) before stuffing so it would be easier to secure the ends of the thread.

While in the middle of stuffing the body, I decided I wanted Gigi to rattle or jingle.  So I dug through the doggy toy basket (they have way too many things, anyway) and found the perfect rattle-y, jingle-y toy.  The stuffed toy already had a hole in it so getting the 1.5 inch rattle ball out of it was no problem. 


The pattern has 3 sizes of spots.  I made 2 of each and think it turned out to be the perfect amount of spottiness.  I pinned all the spots on her and fiddled with their placement a bit until I was satisfied.


Gigi's smile is a bit crooked... but charming



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4 responses to “Gigi the Giraffe- Completed

  1. I love the pink and ivory together!

  2. Gigi is beautiful! Yay you finished it… It looks so cute!

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