Gigi the Giraffe- Pt 1


Hello, Gigi!

Since my doctors still haven’t taken me off of bedrest (one more week, maybe?), I needed to find something to keep myself occupied.  I chose Gigi the Giraffe because she’s adorable (obviously) and I can make her with leftover yarn (free!).  Her noggin is all done.  I’ll be starting the legs next.



Filed under Crafts, Crochet

3 responses to “Gigi the Giraffe- Pt 1

  1. Looks like it is off too a good start. She looks so cute. Hope you are feeling okay…

    • Thanks! I’m hoping the body and legs turn out just as cute as the head!

      At 36 weeks and having been on bedrest for 3 months and counting, I’m feeling as good as can be expected. Can’t wait to leave the house…. or even the couch, for that matter! lol

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