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Candy Cane Cardigan- Completed


All done!

It’s done! Woohoo!  I finished sewing on the buttons last night around 10.  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and Hubby loves it, too. 

The sweater still needs to be blocked.  I plan on soaking it in a water/vinegar mixture to set the dye because I’m a little worried about the colors bleeding and I don’t want to end up with pink stripes. You can go to my Ravelry project page for all the sweater details.


Back of sweater, raglan increases

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Candy Cane Cardigan- Pt 3

One sleeve down, one to go.  The sleeve is quite roomy.  That’s fine, though, since it’ll be worn this winter overtop of a couple other layers of clothing. 

So here’s the sweater (and Hannah :P) :


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Candy Cane Cardigan- Pt 2

You can get a lot of knitting done when you’re not allowed to leave the couch! :)

I’ve finished the body and started the bottom ribbing:


Now I’m starting to think about buttons.  I was leaning towards white, but I’m not sure if I have the right ones (and enough of them) in my stash.  I do have six silver Classic Pooh buttons.  My Mommom gave them to me years ago.  She couldn’t remember where or when she got them.  So here are the Pooh bear buttons:


I think they may work.  I would love to finally be able to use them.

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Candy Cane Cardigan

Eleven weeks of bedrest and counting. *sigh*  I sent Hubby off to the craft store again to get me more yarn.  I requested some cotton blend worsted weight, but left the color choices up to him since I didn’t know what colors the store carried.  Hubby came back with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in “cherry” and “snow”.  He thought it would make a nice Christmas sweater, plus they’re Phillies colors, as well.  I’m making the 6 month size since Hannah should fit in it around December.

I’ve finished the ribbing and raglan increases.  Now it’s time to slip the sleeve stitches and continue knitting the body.


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Apple Blossom Cardigan

I’ve been on bedrest for over seven weeks, so Hubby went to the craft store to pick up some yarn for me.  He came back with a worsted/aran weight instead of baby yarn, so the Apple Blossom cardigan had to be modified to make a preemie/newborn size with the new yarn.  Thanks to the efforts of a dear friend (who spent her Sunday afternoon crunching numbers for me), this version of Apple Blossom was created.  It’s a hybrid of the Little Coffee Bean and Apple Blossom cardigans sized down to fit a 5-8 lb baby (judging by the preemie and newborn outfits I’ve received, anyway).

The finished product.

So here are the mods.  Refer to the Apple Blossom pattern if anything is a bit vague.

Modified Apple Blossom Cardi

Gauge: 4 sts/ inch with worsted weight on size 8 needles


With CC (Contrasting Color), Longtail cast-on 36 sts

Rows 1, 3, 5, & 7: Purl

Rows 2, 6: Knit

Row 4: K1 *yo, k2tog; repeat from * to last stitch, k1

Place stitch markers as follows: 5 sts, pm, 6 sts, pm, 14 sts, pm, 6 sts, pm, 5 sts


Switch to MC (Main Color)

Row 1 (RS): K across, M1 (see Raglan Increases note at bottom of page) on each side of the markers (+8 sts)

Rows 2-4: Work in st st, slipping markers when you come to them

Repeat Rows 1-4 (4x) = 76 sts

Next Row (remove markers when you come to them): K9, slip sleeve sts on holder, CO 2 sts for underarm, k11, m1, k11, slip sleeve sts, CO 2 sts for underarm, k9 (53 sts)

Purl 1 row

Work Apple Blossom lace pattern (5 repeats).  Slip stitches on waste yarn and hold for later.


With MC, pick up 1 st under the arm and 1 st along side edge, knit sleeve stitches, pick up and knit 1 st along side edge and 2 sts under the arm (19 sts)

With CC: K 3 rounds

K1, *yo, k2tog*

K 3 rounds, bind off loosely.  Repeat with other sleeve.  You’ll have to fiddle with the numbers.  I’m pretty sure the picot round doesn’t add up properly, but it’s not a big deal.  Just fudge it.

Edging and Finishing:  Pick up and knit the edging following the Apple Blossom instructions, then sew all the picot edging down.  It’s a bit time consuming, but easy. I wove 1/4 inch ribbon around the neck, just under the picot collar.

If I make this pattern again, I’ll probably pick up more stitches before starting the lace so it’s a little more frilly.  Anywho… I hope this all makes sense.

Raglan Increases: “K to first st before marker, M1L*, k1, sm, M1R**”

*M1L: Insert needle front to back in bar between two stitches.  Knit in back of picked up stitch.
**M1R: Insert needle back to front in bar between two stitches.  Knit in front of picked up sitich.

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