Cupcake w/ Sprinkles- Completed

Remember that baby sweater I started waaaay back in April?  I finally got around to finishing it 2 weeks ago.  All I needed to do was sew up the tiny armpit seams, weave the ends in, and add buttons.  It really shouldn’t have taken me this long, but I shoved it into my knitting drawer and forgot about it.  Poor little sweater.


Since I used a worsted weight instead of dk, the sweater turned out larger than newborn size.  I’m estimating it to be around a 3-6 month.   Thank goodness I had these super cute pink buttons in my stash.  I think they match the sweater perfectly.  So girly!

Chevron Lace & Buttons

The pattern is super easy to customize.  Next time, I’ll try adding some cool cables and maybe I’ll change the ribbing to garter or seed stitch.  This time, I used a Chevron lace chart from The Knitting Stitch Bible ‘09 edition, page 175.  I waited until I had 14 stitches on each of the front panels before beginning the lace because I didn’t want the lace pattern’s yarn overs to interfere with the raglan increases.  This super girly sweater is now packed away in my Baby Box in the top of my closet.  I’m sure it’ll get some use one day.


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