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Quick Crafting Update


Here’s a picture of my very first lace shawl (stole?) in progress.  Man it’s hard to get a good shot of the pattern!  The yarn was a bit tricky to work with in the beginning, but it’s easier now that the pattern is established.  Rowan Kidsilk Haze is beautiful and SO soft!  I’m loving it! 

In other crafty news, my sewing machine has been camped out on the diningroom table for the past several days (minus the power cord because I have a horrible cat that chews everything).  I’ve started sewing the last half of my lonestar quilt pieces and it’s slowly coming along.  Who knows when I’ll have the extra cash for backing fabric and batting, but my stars will be ready. =)

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I’m Not Dead

I’ve just been lazy on the crafting front (and busy doing yard work and housework).


I have some gorgeous new yarn (an early birthday present from a friend) that I haven’t even begun to play with.   It’s lace weight (gasp!) and I’m planning on making a shawl/stole out of it.  Maybe I’ll start working on it soon.  I need to get up the courage to cast-on.

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