Cupcake w/ Sprinkles

For no particular reason, I knitted up a raglan baby sweater with some acrylic yarn which reminds me of a pink cupcake with rainbow sprinkles. I had a couple balls of this worsted weight stuffed away in my closet. I’m pretty sure it came from my Mommom. Until I have access to a computer these not so nice cameraphone pictures will have to suffice.

Obviously I haven’t woven in the ends, blocked it, OR added buttons. It’s not like this is going to get used any time soon anyway.

I was slightly adventurous and added a chevron lace pattern to the front panels. I even figured out how to work the chart backwards so the two panels mirror each other.

More details (like pattern links, good photos, and all the info on my Ravelry project page) will be added next month after Hubby and our laptop come home from their month long business trip. There’s only so much my smartphone can accomplish.




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