Last Week

Where to start? 

I drove an hour west to the Princeton Junction train station to drop Hubby off so he could catch an Amtrak train on the Northeast line.  He’s spending the whole month of May in Baltimore for work. :(

Uneventful and lonely.  Is May over yet?

Bogart was nearly out of cat food and litter, so off I went to Petsmart.  After picking up what I needed, I walked next door and perused the garden section of Home Depot.  When it came time to drive home, my car wouldn’t start. The key wouldn’t even turn.  Ever since I moved away I’ve been afraid of breaking down and not having anyone to help me.  I started praying, then called my Dad in a bit of a panic and spent the next 20 minutes trying to turn the key.  Nothing worked and Dad told me to go into Home Depot and find someone to help me.  A very nice man came out to help, but he couldn’t get the key to turn.  He suggested I call the local Ford dealership.  So I did.  I talked to a very helpful, sympathetic guy named RJ.  He took down my info and said the tow company they use would call me.  Several minutes later, a woman from the tow company called to say all the trucks were out but that she would send a guy named Jimmy to see if he could get the car to start.  20 minutes later Jimmy showed up.  He messed with the steering wheel for a few minutes before grabbing a pair of pliers out of his truck.  Jimmy whacked the steering column and turned the key. It started!  He felt bad that I was all alone and gave me the name and number of his boss in case I needed anymore help. I gave Jimmy $20 for coming out and happily drove home.  I made an appointment at a Ford dealership in South Jersey for the next day so I could stay with my parents while my car got repaired (and I wouldn’t need to take a taxi to pick up my car).

It’s pouring.  Scratch that, it’s a torrential downpour.  I woke up early and discovered that,once again, Hubby and I weren’t successful in our efforts to conceive. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I got busy packing my bags.  I went outside to start loading…and my car wouldn’t start.  Time to pray.  I ran back inside and grabbed some pliers so I could try Jimmy’s trick.  15 minutes later,another frantic call to Dad and I hit that steering column every which way, but nothing worked.  Back to the house and now I’m soaked.  I pulled out the number Jimmy gave me. Rob, the owner of the bodywork/tow place was so, so kind!  He was at the house in less than half an hour and didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was getting soaked out in the rain.  Less than 5 minutes after he arrived he got the car started.  I gave another $20.  It’s still way less than paying for a tow!  I kept the car running while I loaded up all the stuff, the dogs, and the cat.  The 2 hour drive down was awful.  The rain made it difficult to see, but God kept me safe and I managed to make good time.  When I got to my parent’s, I didn’t turn the car off. Dad helped me unload and we drove straight to the dealer. Would you believe the silly car started up 4 times in a row for them?

There was something wrong with the car and they had the repair finished by the afternoon. The price tag for new tumblers and a rebuilt steering column? $350.

I spent the evening at the Phillies game with my cousin. They played against the Nationals and we sat in right field so there were plenty of opportunities to boo Jayson Werth.

I made an appointment at the local garage to get the oil changed. Another $26.75. While there, my right front strut went. The mechanic said I’m lucky it didn’t happen while driving back home on the highway. Thank you, Lord! Both front struts needed to be replaced which cost me another $700. So, in only a few days, I managed to spend nearly $1,200 on our car. It looked like I wouldn’t be going down to Baltimore to visit Hubby next weekend.

Through the kindness of a family friend, we were able to purchase a roundtrip Amtrak ticket from Philadelphia 30th Street Station to Baltimore! Hubby picked the least expensive tickets which means I’m traveling very early Friday morning to get there and very late Monday evening to get back. I don’t mind. I’m just so happy to be able to see him! My trip happens to coincide with the 6 year anniversary of the day we met.

The rest of the days have been uneventful, thankfully. I drove home on Monday and worked in my veggie garden. Tomorrow I pack up the animals again and head back down to South Jersey to get ready for my trip to Baltimore.

I’m so thankful for the way God provides for my every need and how he put the right people in my path to help me.


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