Lone-star pt2

I’m finally getting around to posting a progress picture of my Lone-star quilt.  These 13 stars have been finished for 2-3 weeks and I haven’t worked on it since. 

I'm loving the blue tones and all the stripes!

Last month, I found out that since Hubby got his promotion at work, he’ll need to go down to Baltimore for four weeks (FOUR!) for more training (On top of the 6 months of training he’ll be doing at his office).  I’m not looking forward to a month by myself… especially since we’ve moved even further away from my family.  I’ve decided to hold off working on the Lone-star until then so I’ll have something to keep me occupied.  I also have my sights set on tearing down the kitchen wallpaper.  Time will tell.

I’m thinking I need at least 7 more stars, but I’d love for the quilt to be even  larger than that.  Our spare bedroom will have a full-size bed and it would be nice if the quilt could hang down almost to the floor.  I’m pretty sure I can get another star out of each buttondown, so that should give me a nicely sized coverlet.


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