Be Mine Pt 3

Hubby’s valentine is finished… and I love it!

Here are all the details so you can make one too:

cotton fabric
* embroidery thread
* glue stick (I used Elmer’s Heavy Duty)
* cardboard (from a cereal box, snack food box, etc)
* piece of heavy paper (32lb)

I re-cut the cardboard... it was backwards... oops.

The cardboard was cut about 1/4″ smaller than the embroidered fabric.  I glued the fabric to the cardboard and pushed all the air bubbles out with a knitting needle to make it nice and smooth.

The back.

The edges of the fabric got clipped and glued to the back of the cardboard.

All finished!

Using  that handy dandy glue stick, I stuck the fabric-wrapped cardboard onto a piece of heavy paper.  Then, I trimmed the paper to the shape of the valentine.

French knots for the center of the flowers.


All ready to write a message on the back... no peeking!

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