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Four Days

Four days until we move to our very first house.  I’ve been busy packing and had to add “scrubbing the kitchen down” on my large list of things to do after my most recent mishap. Yesterday I managed to start a grease fire in my oven. Very terrifying. Thank goodness Hubby was off from work… Although I wouldn’t have even been making bacon if he wasn’t there. sigh

Anywho. I’m busy. Luckily, a whole bunch of my family are coming up on Saturday to help us move.  Pics of the new place should be up in a week or so.  Maybe earlier if I’m feeling ambitious.

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Thermal- Completed!

Thermal is finished and I LOVE it!  That tiny gauge was totally worth it!

Love it!

The smallest size for the pattern was a 32″, so I went down to a size 2 needle (instead of 2.5) to make mine a 30-31″.  It worked really well and the sweater fits perfectly.  I’m very happy with the yarn choice of my friend Meghan (who bought the sweater supplies for my birthday).  The Knit Picks “Comfy” cotton yarn is soft, breathable, and feels much better than wool would have. While I followed the pattern for the most part, there was a tiny bit of tweaking.  For all the details, see my Ravelry project page

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V-day Weekend

On Saturday, Hubby and I drove to upstate NY for a nice little Valentine’s Weekend getaway.  We toured Howes Cavern and visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  We wore our Phillies caps, of course! =)  I had a great time and since it was the “off season” up there (i.e. very cold and snowy), there were hardly any other tourists.  It was perfect!  One of the best surprises was that it was Cooperstown’s “Winter Carnival” and we were able to get into the HoF for $3 a piece instead of $24!  Score!  We took a bunch of pictures and you can check them out on my webshots acccount:

Click the pic to check out our vacation album!

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My Valentine

Hubby is a sweetheart!  Not only did he take me on a trip to upstate NY over the weekend (more on that another time), today he had flowers sent to the apartment.  And a big teddy bear.  AND a box of candy.  What did I ever do to deserve all this?  I’m feeling pretty special today!

Look what just arrived at my door!

I LOVE them!

SO much prettier than a dozen roses!

Don't you just want to squeeze him?... and steal his chocolates?

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Thermal Pt 2

It’s finished! It’s finished! It’s finished! It only took me 8 months… I set it aside quite often to work on other things.

I’ll just have to tease you with this cameraphone picture until I can take some better ones. Maybe Hubby will take some pics of me wearing the sweater while we’re on our little weekend getaway (which he surprised me with the other day… I’ll have a post of that when we get home).


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Head Start

I’m getting ready for Easter! I know it’s a bit early, but I’ve started collecting eggs for a springtime centerpiece. I need enough to fill a trifle bowl so I’m guessing that’s quite a bit more than a dozen.  Three eggs have been blown out and rinsed so far.  I can’t wait to dye them pretty colors!

PS: A Thermal post is coming up shortly, I promise!

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Be Mine Pt 3

Hubby’s valentine is finished… and I love it!

Here are all the details so you can make one too:

cotton fabric
* embroidery thread
* glue stick (I used Elmer’s Heavy Duty)
* cardboard (from a cereal box, snack food box, etc)
* piece of heavy paper (32lb)

I re-cut the cardboard... it was backwards... oops.

The cardboard was cut about 1/4″ smaller than the embroidered fabric.  I glued the fabric to the cardboard and pushed all the air bubbles out with a knitting needle to make it nice and smooth.

The back.

The edges of the fabric got clipped and glued to the back of the cardboard.

All finished!

Using  that handy dandy glue stick, I stuck the fabric-wrapped cardboard onto a piece of heavy paper.  Then, I trimmed the paper to the shape of the valentine.

French knots for the center of the flowers.


All ready to write a message on the back... no peeking!

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