Wedding Doilies 5-9

I’m finally getting around to posting the rest of the doilies. 

Wedding Doily #5 (8-Point Star)
Fairly quick pattern.  It’s vintage, so the wording can be a bit vague at times.  Pretty much like every old pattern I’ve made. 

Wedding Doily #5


Wedding Doily #6 (Sunflower Bloom)
Quick, fun, and easy.  It turned out super cute.  I would totally make one for myself.  It’s from the Leisure Arts book #2879 (Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen).  Lots of wonderful patterns, it’s worth buying.

Wedding Doily #6


Wedding Doily #7 (Pineapple Passion)
Another from the book Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies.


Wedding Doily #7


Wedding Doily #8
(Autumn Reflections)
This one came from my friend’s queue.   I picked it because it looked fast.  It was, but even with the larger (size 5) hook, I had to block it very aggressively to even get it near 12″ (She was trying for doilies measuring between 12-15″).  I managed to stretch this doily to 10 1/2″.

Wedding Doily #8

Wedding Doily #9
(Sweet Daisy)
One of my favorites.  I love daisies and this one feels very cheery and spring-like (which is lovely considereing we’ve already had one big snow storm and another is on the way).  This pattern is full of errors, but most of them are easy to figure out.  If I had had more time while crocheting it, I would have written them all down.  If I make it again, I’ll post the errata on my blog.

Wedding Doily #9


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