Wedding Doilies 1-4

My friend’s wedding is fast approaching (1 month away!) and I’ve completed 5 doilies for her table centerpieces.  Only four of them are blocked and I happily handed them over to her at her bridal shower last Saturday.  Up until then, I had hid them on top of my china cabinet to keep Bogart the Horrible from getting his paws (and claws) on them.

Wedding Doily #1 (Cluster Stitch Doily)
Vintage patterns tend to be a bit vague and poorly written.  This one was no exception.  It turned out lovely, though.

Wedding Doily #1


Wedding Doily #2 (Williamsburg Doily)
This one was quite time consuming.  Towards the end, it was taking me more than an hour to finish each round.  I couldn’t wait for it to be over!

Wedding Doily #3 (Pineapple Petals)
A quick and easy doily that helped me recuperate from the Williamsburg one.

Wedding Doily #4 (Mantilla Doily)
An absolute fiasco.  In my haste to finish it, I managed to add a TON of extra stitches somewhere in the middle of the doily.  I didn’t realize this until the dratted thing was done and being blocked, so I was forced to block and starch ruffles into it.  The “real” pattern is very lovely.  Please don’t judge by my sad attempt.   Thankfully, my friend isn’t a Bridezilla and said the doily was fine.  She went so far as to say the ruffles gave it “oomph”.  She’s very kind.


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