Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! 

Our Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my parents turned out delicious.  I took a few pictures of the chicken while I was butchering it, but forgot to take one when it came out of the oven.  =(  It was a beautful, golden brown color, too.  Oh well.  I’ll post the pictures tomorrow.  Dad said it was the best chicken he had ever eaten!  Buying the chicken fresh from the Asian market made all the difference.

Remember how I said we were taking a house hunting break?  That lasted all of one day.  Hubby was on the internet looking at houses last night.  Patience isn’t one of his strong suits.  We had good news from our mortgage guy and it turns out we can afford almost double the price range we originally were looking at.  Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll be looking at places that expensive, though.  We don’t want to stretch our budget too thin, but we are raising our price range by 50K.  Hubby emailed our agent a list of 8 properties we’re interested in.   Not sure when we’ll be able to look at them since we won’t have our car this weekend (it’s in the shop until Monday) and we already have plans for the Saturday after that.


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