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8 Days and Counting

Still no car.  Poo.  Taking the bus to and from the train station is tacking an extra 45 minutes or so to Hubby’s commute everyday, my shopping list keeps getting bigger, our food supply keeps gettting smaller, and I’m feeling quite stir-crazy.  We’re hoping to hear something from the auto repair place today.  I know they had to order the parts and such and there was the Thanksgiving holiday, but I can’t believe it’s taking this long to replace our transmission.  I miss our car and I’m feeling very thankful for owning one right now.

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The Chicken

What Hubby brought home from the local Asian market.


Gah! It has feet!


Ta Da!


The Spread


The Carved Chicken

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! 

Our Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my parents turned out delicious.  I took a few pictures of the chicken while I was butchering it, but forgot to take one when it came out of the oven.  =(  It was a beautful, golden brown color, too.  Oh well.  I’ll post the pictures tomorrow.  Dad said it was the best chicken he had ever eaten!  Buying the chicken fresh from the Asian market made all the difference.

Remember how I said we were taking a house hunting break?  That lasted all of one day.  Hubby was on the internet looking at houses last night.  Patience isn’t one of his strong suits.  We had good news from our mortgage guy and it turns out we can afford almost double the price range we originally were looking at.  Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll be looking at places that expensive, though.  We don’t want to stretch our budget too thin, but we are raising our price range by 50K.  Hubby emailed our agent a list of 8 properties we’re interested in.   Not sure when we’ll be able to look at them since we won’t have our car this weekend (it’s in the shop until Monday) and we already have plans for the Saturday after that.

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Let’s Try This Again

After a month long hiatus, I’m back.  Life got in the way, I got lazy, and my ramblings suffered for it. 

When I last left you, we were in the process of buying a house.  The home inspections came up with WAY too many problems on the 150+ year old house (bad hvac system, electrical issues, mold, radon, galvanized pipes, water damage, bad roof, well water tainted with choloform, etc, etc, etc.).  We managed to get a sizeable price drop… and then the septic inspection showed that the whole system would need to be replaced.   That has a price tag of 30 thousand (yes, I said thousand) dollars.  Adding that to the almost 20 thousand it would take to fix the rest of it, Hubby finally decided to walk away from the deal last night.  I haven’t felt this relieved and calm in a month!  He’s decided a house hunting break is in order to recuperate from this horror of a house.  We may start looking again after New Year’s.

Little Bro finished up “A” School in Pensacola, FL and flew home for his 10 days of leave.  He discovered a perk of travelling in uniform… You get bumped up to first class if there’s an empty seat!  He was in heaven.  We drove down to SJ as often as we could so I could spend some time with Bro.  Ten days flies by pretty quickly. =(  I’m one of those “weird” people that spent my childhood enjoying my little Bro’s company.  We rarely had an argument and the ones we did have were resolved in minutes.  Anyway, I miss being able to hang out with him, but he loves being in the Navy and is happy he finally made the decision after years of contemplating it.  The good news is that he’ll be serving in southern Maryland, so it’ll be a little easier to see him. 

My friend, Meghan, is getting married!   I get very excited about weddings!  Once I got married and realized how wonderful it is, I decided that everyone should do the same.  She only has several months to plan and I’m doing my small part to help out by crocheting a bunch of doilies that will become part of her table centerpieces.  She chose a deep purple color and mailed a huge cone of size 10 thread to my house.  So far, I’m 3 1/2 doilies along.  She needs about 10 of them, I believe, and she has just completed her first one.  We have a little over a month to go and I’m trying really hard to crochet everyday, whether my hands and wrists like it or not.

On Monday I went out to warm up the car before driving Hubby to the station.  When we got in, I noticed the dreaded “check engine” light was on.  Drat.  Off I went towards the train station hoping it wasn’t a big problem that would render the car undrivable.  Whenever I tried to get above 20mph, the car would shudder and the engine would race.  I pulled over immediately and Hubby managed to get it slowly back to the apartment.  Later that morning, he and the car creeped down the road to the closest garage (3 or so miles away).  It’s the transmission.  What the heck?  The car only has 50,000 miles on it.  The mechanic suggested contacting the dealer, but we don’t have a warranty on it (the car originally belonged to my grandparents).  There goes thousands of dollars.   At least our money is no longer tied up in buying a house.

Tonight, my parents are coming over for a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner.  Since we don’t have any means of getting down to SJ, the dinner at my cousin’s house is impossible.  Last night, Hubby got off at a bus stop near the Asian Food Market (the only grocery store in walking distance-about a mile and a quarter from our place) and attempted to buy a turkey for this mini feast.  Since most of the people that shop there don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, they didn’t have any turkeys.  He picked up a small chicken instead… with it’s head and legs still on.  Seriously.  He bought me a fresh chicken that needs to be butchered and gutted.  I’m a bit nervous about this.  I’ll try to document it for you to enjoy.  My parents are coming this afternoon and I’ll be able to get to a store and buy some much needed items- kitty litter being the most important.  I never realized how important having a car is!

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