Caught in the Act

Hubby and I went to the bookstore last night (A very economical way to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary- we didn’t even order coffee or pastries).  While perusing the home section, I came across a book full of beautiful country farmhouse bedrooms.  They were loaded with comfy patchwork quilts and I expressed my desire to make one… as soon as my current patchwork is completed.  Hubby called me out for not finishing any of the projects that I start.  He’s partly true.   I do have a problem finishing the ambitious crafts, but I can whip up a pair of socks or a hat without a problem.

I feel slightly guilty that even my craft clueless husband has caught on to this and I have made myself promise not to start anything else (gifts excluded) until my three big WiPs have been completed.  To show you I’m not completely full of hot air, I’ve taken a picture of my unblocked Thermal sweater body along with the recently completed (yesterday) first sleeve!  The lighting was iffy and I didn’t feel like spending 15 minutes laying it out and making it pretty, but you get the idea:


Thermal Sweater- A Work in Progress


This morning, I even dug my crocheted tablecloth out from the closet.  I know, right?  I’m being very serious about this promise!  I should have one more completed motif by tonight.   I think alternating between the sweater, tablecloth, and quilt will keep me from getting too bored.  The fact that the quilt will look adorable on our guest bed in the new house and the tablecloth will be right at home in an actual, real life dining room helps, too.

I wasn’t the only one getting caught in the act.  This afternoon, I caught Stuart in the middle of one of his favorite activies.  Pillow smooshing.  It’s especially fun after Mommy carefully makes the bed and fluffs the pillows.   Smooshing involves very little effort.  Simply climb on top of the pillows and lay down for a nap.  Repeat several times a day whenever you notice that Mommy has re-fluffed the pillows.


Pillow Smooshing


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