A Quickie

Here’s a very quick (and rather spastic) catch up of what’s been going on the past week:

Hubby decided to leave for CT at 11:30pm Thursday night (instead of Friday morning). We didn’t have any traffic issues at all and the GW Bridge was empty. We made it to Bridgeport, CT in about 2 hours and spent the night (or rather, morning) at a clean and quiet Holiday Inn. The next day, we only had a 1 1/2 hour drive to the quaint seaside town of Mystic. We spent two nights at the Hilton in Mystic (a bit dirty, needed some repairs and updating, the sound-proofing could have been a lot better). The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and we had a great time at the rehearsal dinner and reception. Hubby looked quite handsome in his tuxedo. <3 Before the wedding, it became my responsibility to fold the pocket squares of all the groomsmen and the groom. Even though the piece of cloth came with instructions, they were still thoroughly confused.

We headed south on Sunday morning, picked Bogart up at the apartment and repacked our suitcases. Hubby had an unexpected trip for work and he left for Baltimore on Monday morning. My parents had a Labor Day Picnic and I stayed with them a couple of extra days after that. Today, I’m heading home with my animals in tow. I’ll be picking Hubby up from the train station tonight. I can’t wait for him to get home!!!!


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