North to Connecticut

This morning I drove an hour south to the Vincentown Diner (in Vincentown, naturally) on Rt 206. It’s the halfway point between our apartment and my parents’ house. I met up with Mom and Hershey to hand off Stuart for the weekend. Hubby is a groomsman in his friend’s wedding up in Connecticut, so Stu is going to have a fun couple of days playing with his older “sister”.

The groom picked Labor Day Weekend for his wedding, because he (and almost everyone else in America) is off on Monday which gives him one extra vacation day to use for his honeymoon to Hawaii. This forces all of his friends and relations to drive (in LDW traffic) 4-6  hours (holiday traffic time added) up to his bride’s lovely state of Connecticut (Note: I’ve never been there before, but Hubby hates it. I think it stems from a horrible Thanksgiving dinner he had with one of his ex-girlfriends and her family up in CT. Among other things, the mother decided she didn’t like him before they had even met. Plus, he thinks CT and NY drivers are horrible.)

We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and will probably run into some rain thanks to Hurricane Earl. On the bright side, I’ll be able to get lots of knitting done during the drive.

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