Seeing as this is the fifth post (already?!), I believe some introductions are in order.

Me (aka SaraMcG): If you already read my “About” section (thank you), you’ll know that I’m a 20-something housewife living in Central New Jersey. I grew up in South Jersey and really miss it. I knit, crochet, sew, and embroider. Baking is one of my other loves and I’m not too shabby whipping up dinner, either. I’m in awe of the people that make beautiful artisanal breads, but I afraid that skill is beyond me… for now? My dream is to live in a real honest to goodness house and grow a garden of my very own.

Hubby: He grew up in South Jersey as well, about 20 minutes away from me. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Historical Studies and landed his dream job 5 months later. Hubby now works for the Federal Government and is quickly making a name for himself in his office. Hubs is a bit fanatical when it comes to his Philadelphia sports teams (Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and now the Union soccer team. Yes, I am aware that I left out the 76ers. It was intentional). He’s a practical joker and never fails to make me laugh.

Stuart: He’s a West Highland White Terrier that was born on October 6, 2008. We drove 3 hours to Lancaster, PA to pick him up. Stu is a handful, but we love him. How many dogs do you know that love to spoon under the covers? He’s a happy-go-lucky guy who loves everyone he meets and wants to play with every dog that crosses his path.

Bogart: He’s an ornery black and white kitten who was born in May. We got Bogie chiefly to keep Stuart company- and it’s working. They LOVE each other and spend most of their time together. I’m waiting for Bogart to get out of this destructive (and painful) phase of his development. Kittens are CRAZY!

Hershey: This is the first time I’ve mentioned her. She’s our very first puppy. Hershey is a German Shepherd mix that was found by the side of the railroad tracks less than a mile from my parent’s house in May of 2007. Poor little Hershey was about 6 weeks old when we took her in. She lives with my parents because all the apartments in our area have breed restrictions and German Shepherds were on the lists. =( As soon as we buy a house, Hershey will get to live with us again.

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