The Most Wonderful Time

The Christmas Sweatshop is officially open! I knitted up my first teensy weensy raglan sweater ornament today*. One down, two dozen to go!

Several years ago, I ambitiously set out to crochet, starch, and mount (on black “silk” fabric and encased in a picture frame) 3 dozen snowflakes.

As if that wasn’t enough, I added a couple scarves, two stuffed animals, and a bookmark to boot. While I did succeed, my poor hands and wrists needed about 2 months to recuperate. I took a break from the Christmas knitting last year and only knitted Hubby a pair of socks (he gets a pair for every gift-giving holiday). This year, it’s back to work.

I had a lovely skein of Knit Picks’ Stroll in “Dusk” leftover from Hubby’s birthday socks. I’ll (hopefully) be using up the whole thing on dozens of sweater ornaments. I need to get my hands on some snowflake sequins or beads to embellish them and some smallish gauge wire to twist into clothes hangers. All in all, I foresee spending between $7 and $10 for 20-30 presents. Not too shabby! Once I get on my computer, I’ll add the link for the pattern I’m using and maybe a picture or two (if you’re lucky).

*If you’re not on Ravelry, you can find the pattern here by going to “The Patterns” and selecting “Cheers”.

**Edited to add said photo and links.

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