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Hubby and I used to go out quite a bit. It wasn’t ever anything super exciting, but a movie, dinner, window shopping, or hiking is always nice. Until Stuart arrived. He’s our West Highland White Terrier. Stuart is the biggest cry baby. Ever. So much so that we weren’t able to leave him alone because he would bark and howl loud enough to disturb the neighbors (ahh, the joys of apartment living). We tried a bunch of different tactics. Crating was a disaster. Going in and out a million times a day to get him used to it didn’t work. Giving treats when we left was pointless. He gets so upset that he refuses to eat.

Recently, we invested in a bark collar. I felt bad about it at first, until I remembered that I’ve been kept hostage by this puppy for a year and a half. Then I didn’t care so much. The collar seemed to work, but he was always in a panic about it and acted very dramatic when I came back home. Hubby came up with the idea of adopting a kitten to keep Stu company. Seriously. His sister’s friend had a litter of kittens she needed to find homes for and Hubby wanted one. Let me start off by saying that I’m not a cat person, okay? I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to felines. We got the kitty 2 weeks ago and I requested that he be named Bogart (I LOVE classic movies). Stu and Bogie are the best of friends and spend their days wrestling, playing tag, and napping on the bed. While Stu still needs the bark collar, I feel like he’s not quite as upset when we leave him.

But Bogart… Oh boy. This kitten gets into EVERYTHING! He’s scratching and biting anything he can find (including me). Even though he has a perfectly lovely scratching post, he keeps messing with the couch anyway. I’m really glad we didn’t splurge and buy the leather sofa! At least this micro fiber fabric is holding up. Kittens seem to need 24/7 entertainment and if you don’t provide that for them, they find it for themselves… and your belongings pay the price. Another issue: cats like yarn. I’ve resorted to knitting standing up and it’s not very comfortable.

PS: As I type this, Bogart did the biggest stinkiest poo EVER. Literally, the entire apartment smells like diarrhea. Lovely. AND at the same time, Stuart ran under the tv console and puked… repeatedly. I need to open some windows and get the rug cleaner out. *sigh*

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